• Mold Remediation Service

  • Water damage in a home or business can introduce a mold problem quickly.  Moisture or condensation is the most important factor influencing mold growth indoors that we can control.

    Tri-State Waterproofing provides homeowners with a cost-effective solution for mold remediation.  Our Certified Mold Specialist can inspect the home, test any mold found (if needed), remove the mold AND repair the issue that is causing the mold in the first place!  No need to call in several different contractors when Tri-State Waterproofing can handle all of these problems for you.  

  • What is Mold?

    Molds are forms of fungi that can be found indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, molds live in soil, on plants, and on dead or decaying matter. Mildew is another common term for mold.  Mold growth is encouraged by warm and humid conditions, although it can even grow during cold weather.  There are thousands of types of mold and they can be any color. Mold can produce a musty odor and even cause health problems.  We are all exposed to fungal spores daily in the air we breathe.  Most fungi, including molds, produce microscopic cells called “spores” that spread easily through the air.  Live spores act like seeds, forming new mold growth with the right conditions. 

  • How we handle Mold

    • Professional inspection of the property inside and out.  
    • Find mold and what is causing the mold growth in the first place.
    • Remediate / remove mold from the building safely and effectively
    • Abate or resolve the reason the mold is growing.